Change your name to increase your chances of getting a job

2017 marked a fantastic year for those named Jonathan Peters. Was this luck? Our stats disagree!

  1. Jonathan Peters 2,087

  2. Rupert Jones 1,113

  3. Edward Marshall 1,003

  4. Stuart Hall 659

  5. Luke Burrows 601

Given the massive gap between the number 1 and 2 spots it appears there is indeed 'something in a name'

In order to test out the 'Jonathan Peters' theory we applied for 20 jobs. In 10 of the applications we used a random name generator and were called for interview 1/10 times.

On the 10 occasions we applied as Jonathan Peters we were called to interview EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Does this suggest there is a bias towards people called Jonathan Peters? And if so WHY?"

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