I use agencies just for the free gifts

Is it acceptable to use an agency based on the free gifts they hand out?

Tutti Recruitti caught up with Karl Freiby who has been doing exactly this

“I can’t name the Agency and I can’t name the club (an unnamed Manchester City based club) for obvious reasons

Seats in the Executive Box are expensive…it’s amazing what creating a fake job and calling up a few agencies can do

The best tactic for creating a fake job is to ensure the candidate (also fake) has a really long notice period (preferably over 9 months) and is on a massive wage. During the briefing I explain exactly what my perfect candidate looks like…then 2 days later I have a fake candidate call up the agency with the same script but this time describing themselves. And it works every time

When I started off this scheme I would get a few rubbish Agency branded calanders and mugs, but this quickly progressed to wine, to dinners out…and now to the optimum…MY Executive Box seating to every home and away Premier League and Champions League match

I recommend you give this a try!"

What are your thoughts on Karl's methods? Is this acceptable?


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