Interview tip: Always turn up 30 minutes late

Would you intentionally turn up late to an interview?

Globally renowned recruitment blog Tutti Recruitti caught up with Interview Arrival Psychologist Wendy Wiseman and she had this to say;

“It’s time to be different. It’s time to be late 99.8% of candidates arrive early for interviews

This 0.2 percentile can be advantageously manipulated

The optimum late arrival is 30 minutes and this must be accompanied by a memorable fable

93% of candidates who executed this correctly were offered the job

You want to become the ‘Memorable Candidate’ (The Memorable Candidate, 2015, Wendy Wiseman)

You are on the interviewers mind. Yes you Hyacinth. Hyacinth who turned up 30 mins late. Hyacinth whose car inconveniently suffered 2 flat tyres, had her phone stolen by a moped gang, and then had to walk 5 miles in the rain to the interview. Hyacinth is a 'Memorable Candidate'

Next time you attend an interview, don't be early, be late"


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