I make candidates travel 250 miles for an interview

“I make candidates travel 250 miles for an interview to demonstrate commitment and I pay no expenses”

Is this fair?

Globally renowned recruitment blog Tutti Recruitti caught up with UK Forbes 30 Under 30 Banking Tycoon James Singlet who had this to say;

"Anyone can pretend to have a fake dentists appointment over lunch and travel 5 miles down the road for an interview

It takes a committed soul with a burning desire to rearrange their life for a self funded 500 mile round trip

We locate a Starbucks or Costa 250 miles or greater from the candidates home address. The first stage is conducted by one of our Commitment Specialists. This is a quick 15 minute assessment and the candidate is free to leave on completion

If the candidate passes this initial test we invite them in for a second interview the next day at our London Headquarters where we measure suitability for the job

We have found candidates brought in via this method work longer hours, don't hassle us with flexible working requests and can commit to long distance business travel on extremely short notice"

Personally I do not agree with wasting a candidates time or money

Do you think this is a good test of commitment and desire for a job?

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