I pay people £20 to fill in the employee engagement survey positively

Is it acceptable to pay people to pretend they enjoy working for a company?

Globally renowned recruitment blog Tutti Recruitti secured an interview with Audrey Forint who is Positive Employee Engagement Survey Lead at a FSTE 100 company

“I have proven that people are more likely to fill in the employment engagement survey (EES) positively if there is a monetary incentive

Extensive research has produced the ‘perfect amount’. Below £20 does not portray the significance of the task whereas over starts to falsely signal bribery

A negative EES sends out negative shock. You need to encourage 'some' to convince the 'whole'. I have found that guiding 65% of employees towards the light assists the other 35% in seeing sense

Cost effectively you only need to pay once. After this the positive vibe flows into the future. The stats speak for themselves

FTSE 100 Company

2014 – 13% happy

2015 - 11% happy

2016 – 77% happy

2017 – 80% happy

Alongside the stats there are awards! This particular business now sits proudly in the top 20 “Best Companies to Work For” 2017”

What are your thoughts on Audrey Forint's Employee Engagement Survey methodology? Is it acceptable to pay people to respond positively?

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