Interview tip: do not shake hands

Would you risk not shaking the interviewers hand?

Globally renowned recruitment blog Tutti Recruitti are proud to sponsor the 2018 No Handshake Challenge.

Extensive research has demonstrated that the best handshake is no handshake. But it takes a brave soul to do it.

What better way of creating a lasting impression on the interviewer by being different?

You are expected to participate in the social norm pleasantries of the handshake. Put an end to this restrictive behaviour by doing things in a markedly different way.

Interviewers who experienced the no handshake said;

"I did not expect that"

"What a way to stand out"

"That was a bit strange, but a good strange"

Our studies have shown that the boring standard handshake has no affect on the interview to job offer conversion.

However 84% of those who completed the No Handshake Challenge were offered the job they interviewed for.