Hiring time saving tip: Without reviewing delete 50% of applications

Globally renowned recruitment blog Tutti Recruitti caught up with Big 4 Supermarket Chain Recruitment Executive Dave Butcher

“We get so many applications! It is ridiculous

In order to provide both a cost save and a time save we have decided to delete 50% of all applications before reviewing them

In 2016 we employed 10 CV Screening Specialists at a cost of £120,000 per annum

Since introducing the 'Delete Half' policy at the back end of the 2nd Third of 2017 we have halved this cost which has most importantly led to a cheaper average shop for our customers

We have applied this policy to all roles up to a salary of £75,000. In order to ensure fairness we use a random rejection generator which has garnered very positive feedback from candidates

The random rejection allows us to reject 50% of candidates within 30 seconds of them applying leading to a very swift process. We are pleased to not be guilty of the ‘no feedback’ culture that is growing within the recruitment industry. Such a culture needs to be stamped out all together and we are proud to be part of the movement!"

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