A Rec-to-Rec consultant put me forward for my OWN JOB!

Globally renowned recruitment blog, Tutti Recruitti got the scoop when they secured an exclusive interview with recently unemployed Talent Acquisition Director, Nadeem Joy all the way from sunny Spain.

"I received the call from 'Loca Lotería' on the Monday morning. They're one of the leading rec-to-rec agencies in Madrid so initially I was quite excited.

The consultant was reluctant to reveal the employer, which isn't unusual in these cases. The job he described sounded very similar to what I was doing but with a 20% greater salary so I'd have been silly not to have considered it. After some deliberation, I sent my CV over."

Unfortunately for Nadeem the CV immediately landed in the inbox of Tobacco Tycoon, Sir Nick Oswald-Winstanley, the very man he was already employed by.

Upon receiving the CV, Sir Nick terminated joyless Nadeem’s employment with immediate effect. He had this to say:

"I don't have time for people who don't want to be here. If you don't eat, sleep and breathe Tobacco then this isn't the place for you."

Loca Lotería has declined to comment despite numerous attempts to contact them.

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