You can now get on my PSL, all it takes is one simple step

Globally renowned recruitment blog Tutti Recruitti met with Bertrand Ribery second cousin of legendary Bayern Munich winger, Franck. Bertrand owns a chain of delicatessens across London and with demand for smoked meat up by 800% from 2017 Bertrand is hiring, in big numbers.

"I need at least 10 new Account Managers to work in the head office here in Romford. I don't have the time or the internal ability to try and find these people directly so we're reaching out to recruitment agencies to help us.

I was immediately inundated with calls and e-mails from various useless agencies so I needed to come up with a fair process to weed out the weak links ASAP. This is how I devised the Amazon Wishlist application process and it couldn't be simpler.

1 magnum of the finest champagne will get you 1 position to work on, the pinball machine will get you 5. There's a very clear economy of scale to ensure all agencies have a reasonable chance of landing some of our business. First come first served."

If you would like a chance to get working on those vacancies, you can view his wishlist here:

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