I shot a horse to show my employees how serious I am

Globally renowned recruitment blog Tutti Recruitti caught up with eccentric Electric Car Dealership owner Bobby Swift;

“Great it’s Grand National weekend again. This horse crap comes up every year

Did I shoot a horse to prove a point in 2016? Yes

Was it worth it? Yes

Empty threats are useless. You need to follow through with consequences with your employees

Car sales were at an all-time low and I couldn’t be arsed sacking anyone

All I wanted was for car sales to increase by 150%. Since opening we were stuck in the red and I wanted to enter the black

During the first week they clearly took the piss and productivity did not increase one single bit. I then chucked in the horse threat

Over the next 4 weeks I saw an increase to 145% which was still 5% off target. I reminded them one more time about the horse

Having only managed to hit 148% increase I knew what I had to do. I brought a horse to the next team meeting, told my employees they were to blame for this, and shot it in the car park.

Since that day sales have hit a 250% increase and I am set to open up my second branch in Chesterfield"

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