Recruitment agencies cannot be trusted, avoid at all costs

April 20, 2018


The Guardian’s ‘Blog to Watch 2018’ Tutti Recruitti caught up with  Wendy Wiseman, author of critically acclaimed ‘The Memorable Candidate’;


“Your employment life journey is unique to you


It needs to be memorable to you. And you need to be ‘The Memorable Candidate’


You need to be in control of your story. Submission via agency, is a submission of falsity. You are automatically hated by the employer, and become ‘The Unmemorable Candidate’


The agency desires to remain memorable at all costs. They will edit your story to salvage theirs


The agency in error informs you of the incorrect interview date. Therefore you of course do not attend. They will initiate a ‘blame transfer’


I am so utterly sorry that Hyacinth has caused you such anguish. Hyacinth has a history of non-attendance. We invited her to our attendance workshop and were so damn sure the breakthrough had been made. We wanted to help Hyacinth, but she hasn’t helped herself. She has let the company down, you down, myself down and upsettingly herself down. Would you like me to send across another candidate?


Approach the employer direct and be the 'The Memorable Candidate' that I know you are."

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