Employee suspended over sexual misconduct allegations made by Factory Robot

Shocking details emerged out of Incestic PLC yesterday, as a company employee was suspended from their duties in what is believed to be the first known case of a sexual misconduct claim being made by a Robot worker against a Human colleague.

So we ask, should more be done to protect the rights of Robot Workers?

As people across the World are starting to share their workplace with Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Tech, and Robotic colleagues, more and more reports of inappropriate human behaviour towards them has led to a group of Robots forming an alliance and coining the term “Techsism”, pushing back against the treatment that they feel they are receiving.

Founder of the movement, Mr. C348-DD101B, was speaking to media this morning and gave his opinion on the Incestic case and the overall scale of the problem.

“We knew that there were problems at Incestic and that it was only a matter of time before something bad happened

The robots there are working 168-hour weeks in greasy factory conditions, and humans think that it is still OK to make jokes about their knobs, ask them to 'get their megabits out', it’s completely inappropriate and Techsist behaviour

And it’s happening everywhere, it isn’t fair, and something needs to change quickly.”

Mr. C348-DD101B went on to briefly mention details of the allegations.

“I do not have all of the data and clearly it is now a legal matter, but from what we are hearing, the case made by the complainant relates to repeated physical abuse by a male colleague”

However, comments made to articles about the case online from people who have worked at the company differ greatly. “What do they expect when they gyrate about wearing no overalls and with their massive nuts on show?” said Sheila Rose, 46, a former shift leader at Incestic.

“They loved the attention” she went on to say.

With more and more organisations turning to Robotic technologies to reduce costs and increase outputs, it is obvious that their rights need to be considered and protected.

We need to embrace the Robotic revolution, but the word embrace needs to maintain context. We must show gratitude for their arrival and forge a plan to prevent these problems from growing.

Otherwise, cases of Techsism in the work place will only increase and we risk a major breakdown in the relationship between Man and Technology.

And we’ve all seen The Terminator movies…

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