Top Brexit Tip: Don't hire the Scots or the Irish

Globally renowned recruitment blog Tutti Recruitti is pushing the envelope once again, securing an unprecedented interview with the UK's youngest female CEO.

The normally elusive, Mindy Singh took a day out from running her network of budget off-licenses to pop into Tutti HQ and share her methods for future proofing her business against potential Brexit pitfalls.

"On the 24th June 2017, I stopped accepting applications from anybody born in Scotland or Northern Ireland.

It's actually quite obvious when you think about it. 62% of Scotland and 56% of Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU. The Scots are already discussing a 2nd referendum and with the added concern of being forced into leaving the EU against their will, I expect the results to be very different from the 1st time around.

I have more than enough admin staff on the books without having to think of the impact on workloads should we need to start securing work permits, visas and all that red tape."

Despite some stern criticism from employment law experts, Mindy stood by her decision. 9 months after our original meeting, Tutti Recruitti caught back up with Mindy for some reflection on how the decision has impacted business.

"Of course it was the correct decision, that was never in question. I'd also like to highlight that Q4 2017 was our most profitable quarter to date and I'm absolutely certain that this is an unexpected, but pleasant, by-product of the decision"

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