Interview Deposit Scandal - Secret Filming of James Singlet

‘Investigative Recruitment Journalism Blog of the Year 2018’ Tutti Recruitti were delighted to be sent this sexy piece of secret filming by James Singlet’s PA, Margaret McBurnie.

In the footage we see UK Forbes 30 Under 30 Banking Tycoon James Singlet discussing his much despised Interview Deposit Policy. Due to candidates ‘ruining his business’ he has resorted to charging them an interview deposit (5% of annual salary) in order to ensure attendance.

He can be heard on the phone to his newly appointed Trainee Recruitment Coordinator Sheila who is attempting to arrange an interview. However this candidate cannot afford the £1,000 interview deposit on the £20,000 job he has applied for.

As expected James shows no sympathy for the chap who does not have the funds and tells ‘him to go away’ and that he is ‘not interested in candidates likes him’

Margaret McBurnie and Sheila have since been made redundant by James, so if anyone is looking for a PA or Trainee Recruitment Coordinator please get in touch.

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