I found my new girlfriend on LinkedIn

Loved up Executive Headhunter Lucas Elsker got in touch with Tutti Recruitti and had this to say

“LinkedIn is THE best way to find love in 2018

It has far more useful info than your typical dating site. I can see what she looks like, where she was educated, where she works, where she lives

My expertise allow me to analyse earning potential. It is important for my future partner to earn equal to or less than money than me

Why not Tinder? I am not hot enough and girls simply don't swipe right

Why not Match? I am not that desperate. The desperation of people on there makes me physically sick

I met Lauren on LinkedIn 3 months ago and she makes my previous option look like a practical joke

I came across her while searching for a Finance Director for a FTSE 100. Lauren was his PA and had left him an awesome recommendation. I dropped her a message saying 'I loved her cheeky smile' and things developed from there

On most dating sites I found the ratio of message sent to reply was 30/1, here it is 5/1! Admittedly not all replies are positive, but at least I get replies!"