Admit it. Nobody actually does any work from home

The Guardian’s ‘Most Honest Blog 2017’ Tutti Recruitti had a pint with Performance Excellence Expert Beatrice Jopely;

"We all love to rement about the extensive bundles of work we get done from home without the office distractions. What a load of utter crap. Are we seriously meant to believe this?

Do any office distractions compare to a screaming child, a grumpy other half, Netflix or alcohol?

I carried out a government funded study into 5,000 UK workers who claimed to WFH ≥ one day per week

How much work do you pretend to get done from home?

0% None

5% Some

95% Loads

How much work do really get done from home?

88% None

8% Some

4% Loads

Most common lies for WFH included; completion of a ‘critical’ project, confidential calls, and waiting on an large kitchen appliance/sofa being delivered

Factual reasons for WFH included; heavy drinking the previous night, catching up on sleep and being due a day off

People claim to be good cooks, people claim to be ‘social’ drinkers and people claim to get more work done from home. People lie”

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