The secret to a high billing desk: Staff uniforms

Heath Hepburn, founder of UK based construction agency 'Dig-Dug Ltd' made contact with Team Tutti to share his incredible rags to riches success story.

"After 15 amazing years as the Branch Manager for Read Resourcing's flagship office in Dunstable, I knew I needed a fresh challenge.

I'd been very careful with money throughout my career and was in the fortunate position to be able to take the plunge and start my own recruitment business. Why work for the man when you can be the man I always say.

I cleared out my box room, hopped in the car and paid a visit to my local IKEA and PC World. 8 hours later I had my workstation, a Dell T1000 and an iPhone; just like that Dig-Dug was born and ready for business."

Unfortunately for Heath, all did not go according to plan and a turbulent first year saw him having to sell his car in order to balance the books and keep Dig-Dug afloat. Facing the possibility of watching his business fail, Heath decided to re-trace his Read footsteps in one last reach for survival.

"I went over all of my old training manuals, refined my introductory script, set myself stretching targets and installed a bell to ring to celebrate those placements but nothing seemed to be working. But then I had my epiphany, if I'd been sat in the bathtub I'd have shouted EUREKA.

Uniform, a good old fashioned uniform. It had to be, it was the only piece of the puzzle that was missing"

Prior to this breakthrough, Heath had spent most of his time trying to get Dig-Dug up and running either in his dressing gown or joggers and AC/DC hoodie. Not anymore.

It was almost poetic that, just like the day he started the business, Heath was back out for a trip to Dunstable retail park.

"I made a bee-line straight to 'An Officer and a Gentleperson' as they specialise in custom made uniforms.

A few hours later and I'm walking out in a double breasted, mauve suit jacket with matching trousers and a fedora with the Dig-Dug logo proudly emblazoned across the front. Since that moment, I've never looked back"

With the new uniform came a new sense of purpose for Heath and the placements started to flow. Fast forward 3 years and things are looking very different at Dig-Dug. The box room has been replaced by a small office and there is now a Recruit Manager as well as 4 Trainee Consultants working for the company.

"I have a small team here at Dig-Dug now, we're absolutely going from strength to strength. The consultants are all bedding in nicely and whilst they have good months and bad months, there's one constant... they all wear the uniform just as proudly as I did 3 years ago and it inspires them towards success.

We pulled in £800k profit in 2017 and 2018 projections are even better."

Here at Tutti HQ we opt for a casual dress code with 'fruity shirt Friday' on the last Friday of the month.

That said we can't argue with Heath's figures and if I were wearing a hat, it would well and truly be doffed for him.

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