The longer the interview process, the more committed the candidate

Tutti Recruitti spoke with UK Forbes 30 Under 30 Banking Tycoon James Singlet

"Make them jump through hoops like a show dog

It shows me how much they want it. Their desire. Their hunger

I make the interview process as painful as possible. I abide by my mothers motto 'the longer the better'

Apply to a job, hear back in 2 months. Immediately yearning an answer screams desperation. Desperation means no inspiration

Want an interview? Diaries are 'busy', it will have to be in 2 months time

5 to 6 interviews are optimum. This has proven the perfect balance between desire and annoyance

We make our minds up fast, but our decisions are slow. Don't expect an answer from us for 2 months

If after this lengthy process, they're still waiting on the role, then we know we have the right person"

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