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My Marketing Manager faked pregnancy in order to take a year off

Tutti Recruitti caught up with Gavin Marvin, CEO of edgy IT start-up 'Reality Bytes' as he shared his cautionary tale.

"As the new kid on the block I felt it was important to set ourselves apart from our rivals.

Flexible working is the buzz right now and we were hell-bent on ensuring that it runs through the DNA of the company, which was why I worked closely with our HR Manager to launch our 'Flex Appeal' suite of benefits.

The crowning jewel for us was our no-quibble maternity leave policy. 1 year of full pay which you are eligible for from day 1 of your employment."

On February 1st 2017, Gavin welcomed his newest employee into the fold; Gillian Fraudeur, former Divisional Marketing Officer at one of the UK's largest department store chains.

On Gillian's 2nd day in the office she informed Gavin of her newly discovered pregnancy and quickly agreed that her maternity leave would commence from July that year. But all was not as it seemed and a few months in in, Gavin grew suspicious"

"Initially everything seemed normal. She seemed to be suffering from morning sickness, her moods were unpredictable and she was definitely slowly but surely gaining weight.

The week before she was due to leave for maternity leave she hadn't been feeling well so hadn't been in the office. I accessed her filing cabinet in order to look for a report she'd been working on and was surprised to find that it was full to the brim with cushions and pillows of varying sizes."

It was at this point Gavin contacted Tutti Recruitti and without hesitation we set our top investigative journalist to work.

Phone calls and e-mails to Gillian reach an autoreply explaining that she's on maternity leave and will be back in July 2018. Her Facebook is currently set to private however after creatively gaining access to her Instagram page we discovered a collection of photos dated June 2017 where she was clearly on a boozy, bungee-jumping holiday in New Zealand.

Whilst no irrefutable evidence has been gathered as yet, the investigation continues. With Gillian due back at work in less than a month, the clock is ticking…

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