I make my employees sweat

May 8, 2018



The Sun's 'Hottest Recruitment Blog 2018' Tutti Recruitti caught up with  Alcohol Marketeer Mathis Chaud. He hit the headlines after claiming full responsibility for the recent increase in gin consumption by 18-24 year olds


"Legislation has been put in place to entitle workers to leave the office should temperatures exceed 30°C. What a load of pansies. People thrive in these temperatures


My research has shown the productivity increases as the temperature rises. It's another case of nanny state mollycoddling


The British lazy work ethic alines with the climate. Portugal and Spain register the highest average European temperatures year on year. This coincides with the highest worker productivity levels


I ensure my employees opt out of the temperature legislation and maintain an average office temperature of 32°C


A wise man once said - If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen


I say - You can stand the heat, and you'll stay in this office

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