Top 5 reasons Recruiters love Fridays

May 11, 2018



1. Dress down Friday 


Despite no clients or candidates historically ever stepping foot in this office, I want you dressed impeccably just in case at all times. I'm talking  ties, waistcoats, cumberbunds


BUT, on the last Friday of every month you can dress down* on the proviso no candidate senses the casualness over the phone. 


*no sports shoes or torn jeans please



2. Friday Beers


Ding ding ding. It's the Friday beer bell. Sheila you know what to do! 12 awesome people means 6 crazy Bud Lights from the beer fridge



3. Team Lunch


Congratulations and welcome to the last Friday of the quarter team lunch. Please choose anything you like off the 2 meals for £10 menu, but please be aware drinks are not included


Sorry Sheila. You were useless this month. You only made me £49,500 rather than your targeted £50,000. Enjoy the empty office



4. Leave early


A healthy work life balance is at the core of this business. That is why IF you hit your unrealistic target for the week, I will permit you to spend some extra time with your children and leave 30 minutes early



5. A good nights sleep


You don't need to worry until Sunday night

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