I installed a birthing room in the office

Tutti Recruitti caught up with equality champion Mary Steinhurst who's company became the first in the UK to install an office delivery room;

"I am so proud to be at the forefront of equality in the UK

I personally experienced the 'office birth' concept while on secondment in the Netherlands and knew it would be glass ceiling breaking

Society has historically dictated a woman must choose a career or a family

The delivery room destroys this nonsense. No longer do my female employees need to take extensive amounts of time off work. When labour strikes they enter the delivery room. Post birth they exit and get back to work

We have a specialist Post Birth Midwife on hand to look after your new born, take away the stresses and allow you to immediately get back to what matters

Historically the average amount of time taken off work after giving birth was 12 months. We are proud to announce that post delivery room implementation, the two employees who gave birth took no additional time off at all. This is true equality"

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