Top 5 things your staff are REALLY doing when they are "working" from home

Flexible working is the hot topic for any progressive company these days. Shared parental leave, subsidised sabbaticals and peripatetic working are no longer just things you can't spell. They're becoming commonplace

in small start-ups and global blue-chips alike, but are organisations setting themselves up to be taken advantage of?

Multi-award winning Recruitment Blog Tutti Recruitti recently tasked their in-house Private Investigator with tracking the movements of 50 middle-management level employees from the transport sector and the results were damning.

Of the 50 staff monitored, only 7 carried out more than 2 hours of work activity. There were a number of obvious patterns and behaviours developing too, none more interesting than the top activities occurring when the employees aren't actually working:

1. Washing and Ironing

2. Walking the dog

3. Jeremy Kyle Repeats

4. Playing video games

5. Sleeping