Never immediately accept an offer

Tutti Recruitti caught up with Recruitment Psychologist Wendy Wiseman, author of ‘The Memorable Candidate’

“You have become the memorable candidate. Your fables were believed and have been regaled favourably

A card has been passed around the office for your birthday next month, people are writing witty comments about your memorable interview and receptionist Sheila has been dreaming about how you could become best friends

You have done so well. But you need to remain memorable throughout the offer. Repeat with me;

An immediate yes does not impress

Make them wait, and you’ll be great

You are in demand. You have a pretend more favourable offer on the table from a competitor. So you need to ‘consider your options’. You are in control

Go silent. They will come to you


The more favourable offer from a competitor is causing you anguish.

We are pleased to offer you a £10,000 increase on our initial offer.

Yours sincerely,


You have won. You are no longer the memorable candidate

You are the memorable employee"

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