Top 5 reasons you should leave your job

1. It’s shit

Really shit. And you bore your Mrs about it every night while she is trying to watch Emmerdale

I've had enough Sheila. I'm not going back tomorrow. He humiliated me in front of everyone. It is a medically diagnosed sweat problem and should not be the subject of jokes

2. Your manager is a dick

Out and out dick. You have to CC her on everything. Ask her if its ok to go to the toilet. Explain yourself under interrogation as to why you were 5 minutes late this morning.

3. You are bored

You have become the official Online Daily Mail News updater in the office.

Oh look. Isn't Kate such a glowing pregnant lady. Breaking headline news. 10 year old girl is removed from a bus after her soggy ticket wasn't deemed acceptable by the driver

4. Work dreads

You punch the air when you leave the office, and punch yourself at the thought of entering it again. You only get 2 good sleeps a week, because all the other sleeps result in you waking up to start the nightmare again!

5. You have been sacked

It's best to leave now