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I make candidates sing at interview

With his new interview method becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK, Tutti Recruitti caught up with FTSE 100 Talent Director Simon Armstrong;

"No one likes to sing. It is embarrassing

But it is a perfect means of manoeuvring someone out of their comfort zone. Interviews these days are so predictable

People can lie their way through a competency based interview with tales of pretend positive stakeholder management and customer satisfaction experiences

You cannot prepare for this

With no forewarning I request they sing a song

There is no excuse for not singing. We have a jam packed Karaoke player spanning the decades covering everything from ‘9 to 5’ (Dolly Parton) to ‘Work’ (Rhianna)

The candidate is not judged on quality of performance, purely whether the song is completed. I aim to put the candidate at ease by clapping and singing along

Complete the song and we continue with the interview. Don’t complete the song and the interview ends. Simple

It is the perfect method for identifying a reactive employee who can cope under unexpected pressure