Top 5 Micro-management Methodologies

Internationally acclaimed employment blog Tutti Recruitti recently snagged an exclusive interview with herbal tea Tycoon Daniel Dreiberg who shared how he uses micro-management to drive a high-performance culture.

"My company didn't become a success by chance, my careful control made it the behemoth it is today. Follow my 5 key micro-management top tips and you too can reach the top.

1. Use your internal messaging system to monitor that your staff are at their PC and active.

2. As a manager, always reserve the seats around you exclusively for your team. Pro-tip: Ban privacy screens, they're a sure-fire sign that slacking is occurring.

3. Install a toilet break register. All employees need to clock-in and clock-out. We offer 5 minutes per day as a gesture of goodwill, anything beyond is either unpaid or needs to be made up.

4. Morning review sessions. I allocate 30 minutes first thing each morning to review in detail the productivity of the team. I need to see call stats, e-mail figures, to-do lists and project plans.

5. Screen monitoring software. Just call me Bruce Wayne, I can click a button and instantly see what's on individual employees screens in real time. "

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