I maximise my time by catching up on my e-mails whilst Interviewing candidates

"Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana" - Groucho Marx

There's never a day goes by without somebody in the office complaining that their inbox is out of control or that they're drowning in e-mails.

This is not a complaint you'll ever hear from Winnie Schrodinger, Talent Acquisition Director of the UK's 2nd fastest growing legal firm.

Winnie e-mailed Tutti Recruitti to share her secret to mail-box bliss.

"It's perfectly simple, I take my laptop to interviews and use the time where the candidate is talking to check and respond to my e-mails.

I do it in such a way that the candidate thinks I'm taking notes. Everyone's a winner that way.

I'm actually sat interviewing a candidate for our finance team as I'm e-mailing you now.

There are naysayers who will frown upon you for such practices, don't let them deter you just because they can't multi-task as well as you can.

Are you the type of person who complains about a problem or do you do something about it?"

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