I only employ left handed people

After Divergia hit the headlines for sacking an outed right hander, Tutti Recruitti caught up with CEO Sofia Izquierda;

"A study by the University of Wyndemere conclusively confirmed the increased intelligence of left handers in one particular area – divergent thinking

In the experiment 800 people had to think of an alternative use for common place objects such as a brick and a shoe horn. Left handers excelled

Divergent thinking is at the core of this business and it therefore makes perfect sense to only employ left handers

Our job adverts expressly state that you must be left handed. We test for this again at interview

Of course people try and cheat the system, hence the recent sacking of a right hander

Prior to the interview he learnt to write with his left hand. He waived and even caught the ball during handed testing with his left hand

The Handyman reported suspicious handed activity

He was initially suspended for 2 weeks without pay pending an investigation. A gross misconduct breach was confirmed and he was fired

Right isn't wrong. Left is just righter for us"