I found a candidate on Tinder

May 30, 2018


After converting a date into a hire, one man band Recruitment Agent Sylvester Briggs shared his experience and knowledge with Tutti Recruitti;


“It was the perfect match and the ideal recruitment tool


For £4.96 per month (Tinder Gold), I have access to prospective candidates employment, location and personal statement


Market saturation is low and candidate volume is high


The recruitment world loves to rement about the 'passive candidate'. Nobody downloads Tinder to aid their job search, therefore all are passive. I refer to it as a 'passive party'


10 step Tinder Hiring Guide


1. Adjust the age range and distance radar to suit your vacancy

2. Swipe right on all suitable candidates

3. Matches = shortlist

4. Engage in conversation with your top prospects. 

5. Pre and post work mentions of how great the company you work for is

6. When some formulation of 'I'd love to work there' arises, nail down a face to face meeting

7. Make the candidate fall in love with you

8. Make the candidate fall in love with the company more than you

9. "Strangely enough they are looking for someone exactly like you..."

10. Interview, hire, cease contact, commission. Start the process again"

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