I made a candidate pour me a glass of water

After a complaint was lodged to the Interviewing Standards Agency (ISA), Tutti Recruitti spoke with Theresa Bell who defended her actions;

"To be honest I just got fed up

The menial task of pouring every single self-righteous candidate a glass of water eventually gets to you

I counted every glass. Every single bloody one. I poured 637 polite glasses of water. I exploded on the 638th. I'm not the devil!

I had already interviewed this candidate 3 times in the last 6 months

I know he only remains unemployed and interviews here in order to make my life a misery. That smug look on his face every time he asks for a glass of water drives me insane

There was absolutely no need for him to report me. It has backed up my decision to reject him for a 4th time

Candidate - "Could I have a glass of water please. I'm very nervous and my mouth is incredibly dry"

Theresa "No. I am not your servant. I see that infuriating saracastic grin. Why don't you get up off your arse, go to the kitchen and pour me a glass of water for a change"