I saved my business by getting rid of all staff with Tattoos

In light of free-falling profits in 2006; Carolina Tela-Branca, the owner of Portugal's largest Stock Brokers, was contemplating calling it a day.

Today she told Tutti Recruitti how she turned it around.

"The breakthrough was made when we received the results of the psychometric testing we put all staff through. It turned out that the issue was right in front of my eyes, literally!

46% of our staff were reported as being impulsive and reckless whilst showing clear sociopathic tendencies. There were various other personality disorders intertwined too.

When we investigated further we discovered that every member of staff who displayed these traits sported a minimum of 2 tattoos."

The following 12 months were a huge test for Carolina.

"I had over 150 people to usher out the door. Thankfully I have a very supportive and creative HR function who ensured that everything was handled efficiently.

They've also helped me implement a more robust screening process for future hires. We now ask applicants to declare if they have any tattoos and initiate a 'full body check' as part of our background screening process."

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