I fire candidates for fun

After a viral Daily Mail Online article shamed and victimised him for laughing at an employee whilst firing her, Sir Nicholas Oswald Winstanley contacted Tutti Recruitti to share his side of the story;

"I expected a Knighted man of 78 to command a little more respect. My services to the Tobacco industry have been recognised by the Queen. It is time for the public to follow suit

I advocate fun in the office. I have been working for 62 years, and fun for me is not as easy to come by as it once was

So lets put my 'fun' straight;

Did I laugh in her face whilst firing her? Yes

Did I enjoy it? Yes

Have I done it before? Yes

In my defence I only do this once a month and it is completely fair. I put all the employees who are not business critical into a randomizer and draw out one unlucky name. I summon that person to my office and fire them there and then

The look on a persons face when I fire them unexpectedly is absolute gold

The ex-employee in question took the news very badly! She couldn't stop crying which in turn meant I couldn't stop laughing!

Harmless fun

I wish her all the best in securing another job"