Hiring top tip - Never trust candidates with gaps in their CV

Ensuring you hire the right candidate for your vacancy is an arduous task. You need to sift through applications, conduct telephone interviews, run assessment days and then negotiate an offer.

Our 2017 Annual Recruitment Survey (ARS) highlighted a particular area of concern that too many recruiters are overlooking.

The career break.

Our independent researchers were able to prove that a staggering 89% of applicants with a gap in their CV were making up lies to cover their period of unemployment.

"I was renovating my house" - I don't think so pal. You're 34 and still live with your parents, finally cleaning your room does NOT constitute running a property portfolio.

"I was looking after a sick parent" - Come on now Sheila, popping round to see your Mum for a cup of tea whilst she complains about her bunions isn't going to cut it.

"I was travelling the world" - A week in Benidorm with Mad Kev and the boys sure looks like a lot of fun but it doesn't tell me why you couldn't find a job for the past 7 months.

There's a real reason they couldn't find a job and by hiring them you might just find out the hard way. Tutti's advice, move on to the next CV and let them be somebody else's problem.

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