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I got fired for sending my boss a dick pic

After making a balls up and getting the sack, Richard Long hung out with Tutti Recruitti;

“I can’t believe it. I’ve let myself and my family down. I’m really going to struggle to get back up again after this

I want it noted that I fully respect the company dick pic policy. I do not believe my actions merited a contravention

It clearly states – You must not send a picture of your genitalia to a fellow employee

As a bit of light hearted banter, we had been tasked with bringing in a baby photo for the team meeting. All harmless fun

In the evening I came across a photo of myself in the bath as a baby and sent it to my boss. Unsurprisingly I was naked in said photo

I was smiling to myself thinking I had the winning picture. Never expected the potential winning photo to have lost me my job

I really hope future employees will be understanding of my situation

Reason for leaving: Sacked after sending boss a dick pic"

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