In-house Recruiters are just Agency Recruiters who couldn't make the grade

Hans Druckeberger, Resourcing Partner at one of Germany's top high street banks made full use of his flexible working week to spend a few hours at Tutti Towers where he shared his story.

"KPI's, outbound call counts, new business prospecting, average call lengths, monthly revenue. All phrases that give me a shiver even thinking about them.

The only bigger feeling than the euphoric relief of having managed to drag your target over the line is the sobering dread that comes with the realisation that you have to do it all over again. On repeat, until the inevitable nervous breakdown arrives.

I decided to avoid that bleak existence and made the move to an Internal Recruitment position. It was the best thing I ever did.

The work is almost identical, all of the skills I gained at the agency transferred over nicely.

If I don't manage to fill that Corporate Account manager position this week, who cares? I can just have another go at it next week.

My advice, Wave goodbye to annoying KPI's and say hello to taking it easy and getting paid for the privilege.

The only thing I miss? Ringing that bell after every placement."