I make candidates speak to me for 1 hour before disclosing salary

After being publicly shamed on LinkedIn, Big 4 Recruitment Agency Consultant Tu Long spoke to Tutti Recruitti;

"At the end of the day salary is not the most important thing. In my list of priorities it is right at the bottom, as it should be yours

Some of my happiest compliant candidates have taken 50% pay cuts. I sell the role to them so well, paint such an amazing future picture, that salary no longer matters

Don't be an arse and ask me for the salary when I have just called you unexpectedly. Hear me out. Let me sell you the dream. Let me analyse your suitability

No company wants a candidate who places such importance on money. Therefore if you show this devilish desire, because they don't want you, I don't want you

Be relaxed, listen and chat for 1 hour and all will be rosey

After all in my experience all companies will offer a fair salary and will never undercut you"