I test mouth to mouth at interview

After becoming the only company to receive a ‘5* First Aid In The Office Award’ from the NHS, Director James Singlet spoke with us;

“First Aid training has been introduced as part of the interview process. This ensures every single person in the building is capable of handling a medical emergency

If everyone is trained, everyone is safe

As part of this initiative all hiring managers are certified First Aid Examiners. The 3 stage 'Fast Pass First Aid Qualification' commences on completion of the interview

1. Cleaning and dressing wounds

2. Heimlich Maneuver

3. Mouth to mouth resuscitation

It is important to ensure a fair test. The candidate is always matched with a hiring manager of the opposite sex. In addition the mouth to mouth portion of the exam is not only judged by the receiving hiring manager, but also by 2 randomly selected opposite sex to the candidate employees

Having worked hard interviewing several women myself, this award recognises the hard work we as a business have put in to ensure the safety of all our employees. Due to its success I am pleased to announce from next month we will also introduce it into the hiring process for men"

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