A new wave of business within the UK seeks to undermine job seekers

Firm ‘Honest Earnings’ give companies your salary details in return for a percentage of the under cutting. We caught up with Director Samuel Smyth

“Job seekers notoriously lie about their current salary. The market was screaming out for a resolution to this hence the creation of ‘Honest Earnings’

We partner up with some of the UKs largest companies and offer a no win, no fee service. If the company identifies you as a ‘disgruntled employee’ they can trigger our ‘honest earnings’ service. Disgruntlement is the key. A disgruntled employee will move for less than they are on

The way it works is simple

The company tells us how much they would offer and my company then retrieves the salary details of the candidate

Our research suggests you can secure a disgruntled employee for 5% less than their current salary. Our fee system works like this

Company A - would offer £50,000

Employee A - is on £45,000

Taking into account the 5% disgruntlement reduction Company A can now offer - £42,750

‘Honest Earnings’ fee - £1450 (20% of saving)

Within 6 months we have saved companies over £2.5million. This has coined our slogan 'Honesty Pays'"

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