Hiring Millennials ruined my business

Margaret Redford-Bannister, founder of the recently dissolved Bristol based record store 'The Vinyl Frontier' bumped into Tutti Recruitti on her way to the dole office.

After 3 successful decades selling cassettes, records, CD's and minidiscs Margaret was forced to close her beloved store. She had the following words of caution for fellow small business owners:

"Stay well clear of Millennials, they are like a cancer in your business.

I initially decided to bring a few university drop-outs onboard as they make for good cheap labour and generally don't have many options.

Worst decision I ever made. They were lazy, entitled, full of self-importance and couldn't seem to look up from their mobile phones long enough to serve the customers.

I once asked a couple of the staff to rewind some of the cassettes for me and they had to spend 20 minutes researching the process on YouTube before actually completing the task.

The store had become a right mess, I had to install 4 new bins in order to deal with the overflow of Starbucks cups that were strewn all over the place.

By the time I realised that the staff were showing my customers how to download Spotify on their phone it was too late."