I don't employ anyone taller than me

At 5 feet 4 inches he is below average height, but he is a giant among men in his own office. We caught up with Crisp Distributor Derek Head in a little Birmingham speakeasy called 'The Rabbit Hole';

"Small Derek. Little Derek. Tiny Derek. For decades I've faced bullying in the work place

I'm a small man with big ambition. I can't have people speaking down to me neither literally or figuratively

To fulfill this I don't hire anyone taller than me

People said this would cause me a big problem, however it has actually got rid of all my 'big problems'

I bought a low ceiling Grade I listed Victorian building that allows me to legally reject applicants based on height. So this is all above board

Honestly I would say shorter the employee the better. But I am not going to unfairly disregard people because of their height

My business is absolutely booming and I have my self confidence back.

It's now....Big Derek. Huge Derek. Massive Derek"

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