I installed a pay-and-display machine in the staff carpark

Following 2 consecutive years of decreasing profits, Iain Brady CEO of the UK's 3rd largest paper merchant decided the time had come to take action.

"The digital age is destroying this industry. People prefer 'zines to magazines and why would you buy the Guardian when the Daily Mail website covers all of your trashy news needs.

It was during my Annual trip to the Boat and Caravan show at the NEC that the solution hit me. They charge you £12 just to park for the day and everybody just willingly pays. It's become accepted that if you want to drive there then that's how it works.

I've got 4.5k people that work in the Oxford warehouses. £12 is a bit steep and I'm not a monster so £5 per day to park is more than fair.

Maths isn't my strong point but that would be around an extra £100k profit each week."

After a difficult launch with many staff members refusing to pay the £5 Iain had to take further steps.

"I've now installed a CCTV set-up and hired a part-time parking attendant. He's a retired police officer so only costs a mere fraction of the new revenue stream."

Here at Tutti Towers we have free valet parking for all staff, a privilege that we may take for granted. Do you think Ian is being fair?

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