Monday Agony Aunt - My boss forces me to make him a cup of tea

“Help me Tutti Recruitti

I’m forced to make my boss a cup of tea every morning. It’s so demeaning

I’ve tried everything to get out of it. Put the milk in first, used artificial sweeteners, made it incredibly weak. But none of it works. He keeps on insisting I make him one

If I refuse outright (which I did once), he takes away my chair privileges and forces me to use a standing desk. I have very weak knees so that is not an option

I do love working here but the stress is affecting my home life. Last Sunday my husband asked me to make him a cup of tea whilst he cut the grass and I shouted at him and broke down in tears. This can’t go on

I would lodge an official complaint but he is the owner of the company. What should I do?

Belinda Myres, Blackpool”

We think you should poison his tea. Play the long game, enter into an work love affair, make him leave his wife, get on his will, then poison his tea, he dies, you own the company

Any advice for Belinda?