Make sure all your staff wear a funbit

"Funbit is the latest corporate craze. It allows your employees to have a bit of fun, but not too much fun. You can strike the perfect balance between corporate and funporate

Who says you can’t have fun in an office. At funbit we say you bloody well can. But just a bit

Lock the fun bit neck strap onto your employee and give them the freedom and flexibility to be trusted

Sit back, relax and get on with your manager stuff without having to worry about their integrity

After extensive office research funbit recommends 5 minutes of fun per day. Fun is tracked by our patented funbit technology that analyses brain activity

Is your employee about to maximise their fun allowance? Administer a healthy shock to warn them

Has your employee exceeded their fun allowance but is still having fun? Administer a healthy shock punishment

Sign up to funbit today and let your employees have a bit of fun"