The temperature might be soaring but your business expenditure doesn't have to

James Chaleur is the owner of "Do or Dye" Stoke's busiest hair and beauty salon. As temperatures in the Midlands are hitting record highs, he joined us in the Tutti beer garden to explain how he's personally managed to avoid getting hot under the collar this summer.

"All throughout May I had the air-con on full blast, I also had to buy 5 industrial powered fans just to try and keep the staff in the salon feeling cool.

It was to no avail as the staff continued to moan either way. Couple that with the fact that my electricity bill for the month had gone up by 5 times I decided it was time to act.

After a quick Google I discovered that whilst H&S laws enforce a minimum working temperature of 16°C, there is no upper limit. Jackpot!

Off went the aircon and back to B&Q for a refund on the fans. If the staff are going to moan about the heat anyway, I may as well save myself a few quid.

I'm not a monster though and I have relaxed the dress code for the rest of the summer. I've personally dusted off my speedos and sandals ready for the working day, the rest of the team have been informed that beachwear is permitted."

Let us know how you've been keeping cool whilst at work this summer.


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