I make candidates wait 2 hours in reception

After his techniques were exposed by an undercover Guardian Journalist, FTSE 100 Talent Director and self-proclaimed ‘Interview Disrupter’ Charles Elmswoth spoke with Tutti Recruitti;

“I fully stand by my 2 hour wait policy

We have seen an increase in calm and patient staff since its implementation. One aggressive, spur of the moment, hot head can destroy a business. Explosion means expulsation

The candidate arrives and is informed the interviewer is otherwise engaged. They will have to wait for a ‘short while’ in reception

During this time the candidate is analysed closely

Should the candidate not be able to deal with the wait appropriately they will be asked to leave after 2 hours

Positive indicators during this test include a neutral demeanor, pleasant conversations with other candidates and planted staff, sitting still and correct newspaper browsing

If they have waited in an acceptable manner for 2 hours the interview will commence"

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