I take candidates to a bar for the final interview

After a teetotal candidate made a complaint to the Interview Standards Agency, Recruitment supremo Ricky Davidson (from Channel 4 docuseries Recruitment Lads) spoke with Tutti Recruitti;

"You spend more time at work than with your wife. What's wrong with ensuring your next hire has strong mate potential?

Candidates can be falsely cheery and friendly in a one hour interview, but you can't fake it on a night out

A team that plays hard together, works hard together

Once they are sat in front of me for the final stage I say - How about we just go for a drink instead?

If you aren't up for it, we aren't right for you. Interview over

If you order a soft drink, you are teetotally finished

Honestly this is a great measure of a candidate. Getting to know them on a personal level gives you that extra understanding. I tend to find honesty hits from round 5 onwards

I'm not one for time wasting so I will only bring you through to this stage if I've confirmed you can do the job. This is purely to see if we bond on a friendship basis

I'm a likable guy so we most likely we will!"

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