Research shows if you apply for 1,000 jobs you may hear back from 1

Yesterday Applican’t released their 2018 job application statistics and Tutti Recruitti were the first to catch up with Director Sheila Shaw;

"We have to look at the positives. More people are hearing back from companies than ever before

Of course we want the numbers to be higher but we have to be realistic

Despite a year on increase in the number of applicants per opening, thanks to the outstanding efforts of recruiters across the UK we are delighted to announce that you now only have to apply to 1,000 jobs to get a response from 1

This marks a 200 job decrease on 2017, meaning the average job hunting candidate will now only have to spend 5,000 minutes (circa 3.5 days) applying to jobs to secure a reply

Applican't want to put candidates minds at rest with these statistics. Things are getting better and we are moving towards a job market once again where the candidate comes first"