I make candidates write down all their interview answers

July 9, 2018



After an illiterate candidate raised a civil court action against him for discrimination, 2015 Birmingham 30 Under 30 Recycling entrepreneur Adnan Khan spoke with Tutti Recruitti;




"A spoken lie can easily be told with no consequence. A written lie can be researched 


I am always surprised by the utter bull that can exit a candidates mouth. Going by the way some answer questions, I might as well be interviewing for a child's story teller


To combat this wave of lies I now have candidates write down all their answers


On arrival all are made aware that written answers will be reference checked and grammatical errors will be frowned upon. If the candidate does not agree, they are free leave


This added pressure reduces falsities 


Bar the written element, the interview is very much what you would expect. I ask a question, allow 5 minutes writing time, then have the answer read aloud


After the interview the candidates answers are passed across to the background checking team for verification"

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