I don't let my fat employees use the lift

Richard Waller sits at his desk on the 23rd floor of Trinity Tower in Luton, his sales team reside in the open space right outside his office.

Richard cuts an impressive silhouette as he stands from his chair backing on to the window looking out to the summer sun. His fitted suit outlining his broad shoulders, muscular torso and his lean waist.

"It takes hard work, dedication and discipline to look like this. A healthy worker is a hard worker and I need to ensure that I'm getting the most out of ALL my employees, not just the ones who are in shape.

I can't afford to leave this to chance because pounds = pounds so I put some measures, literally, in place.

I've set up a "weigh-station" at all of the lift access points. They take your height, weight, blood pressure, fat levels, BMI, the lot.

Anybody who exceeds the company's BMI limit of 23.5 is denied access to the lifts and have to take the stairs. You burn 0.17 calories for each stair climbed and 0.05 calories for each stair descended. By the time they've reached the 19th floor they will have burned well over 200 calories."

People question my methods but promoting healthy living is a good thing. My staff are slim and my conscience is clear.

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